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Why Now

The Nuts And Bolts

I am running as a traditional Democrat representing our great state of California. I am you. You are me. I am not running as a career politician. I am running because it’s needed. 

Our generations deserve action rather than simply being “recognized”, while those who speak for us continue to work on their personal agendas, bowing down to the donors of whom they ACTUALLY represent rather than the state they’ve sworn to represent, grow, and protect. Many have asked the question “What makes you qualified” to which I say, “the core values you and I expect to remain no longer exist in those WHO remain”. I refuse to leverage people to get where I want to be. What makes me qualified in the sense of the word is the fact that I don’t have to run, but, I want to run as an untainted representation of our citizens. I believe in “asking what I can do for my country” rather than searching for what I can take from it. 

Running now, in the shadows of what has been years of political abuse, just makes sense. While our leaders claim progressiveness, we are witnessing first had regression in not just our state, but as a nation in whole. We used to pride ourselves in saying the words, “One Nation…Under God… Indivisible. These words mean something. We have become a drastically un-unified Godless country divided. 

Rather than looking past current problems in order to chase “potential” future problems, I believe in addressing a narrowed list of present issues and addressing them as a team as to protect the future. I do not believe in surrounding myself with “yes people” but surrounding myself and listening to opposing views to ensure the BEST changes are implemented. Major issues such as homelessness, our local and state economy pre, mid, and post Covid, political transparency while NEVER being afraid to say “I don’t know” and taking issues back to my team to find the best answers possible. This is what a leader does. A leader isnt someone who stands before you pretending they have all the answers. No one…let me repeat…NO ONE has all the answers. We work together to FIND the answers. 

I will not be robotic. I will remain the passionate human that I have always been.

I believe in change; I do not fear it. I believe in asking hard questions without fear of not knowing. I believe in the democratic party of the JFK era, who’s beliefs were famously proclaimed,  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

How confident are you in some of our current representatives as it relates to GIVING America what it needs rather than TAKING from it?

We are in desperate times of change. Let’s be the change.

Who Am I?

I am Dr. Tim Ursich Jr and I am an everyday citizen, just like you, part of the working class who wants what’s best for us. I am someone who has felt unheard and I am someone who feels the only way to see a change is to be the change.

I am Dr. Tim Ursich Jr and I am running for United States Senate.

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