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Who have we become? We witness the same continuous anomalies that life throws, accepting them as part of the norm. We find ways to make ends meet. We’ve suffered through a pandemic, together, some of us missing only weeks, and others having their entire lives flipped upside down. I’ve always had a passion for politics. Not because of its acclaim, the fame, the glory…but the ability to change the world for good. I’ve always had a voice. I’ve always chosen the leadership role while maintaining that equality we all deserve to feel.

This time is no different. I am no different than you. I am the “we” when they say “we are in this together”. I am the “we” who struggled during what I’m sure will be deemed “The great depression of our era”. The seat holders before me, the candidates running against me are simply NOT US.

They stand before you telling us how hard we had it, unable to feel how hard we STILL have it. They stand before us telling us what we deserve, without asking us what we NEED. They stand before us as our representation without even the slightest idea of what its like to be us. 

The days of looking beyond the horizon and neglecting what’s staring us directly in the face are over. Everyone feels the need for change. The disconnect between our communities grows by the day and the people who lose are those of us left behind hoping we will be heard. I will change that. We all have a voice. We all deserve to not only be heard but to be understood. The necessity to take time out of a long day to simply reach out to our brothers and sisters is coming back.

The willingness to debate without demonizing one another for having opposing views are over. This radicalism that hammers us on a daily basis ends now. We are that change. I am the person I thought we voted for when we selected our representatives. Civil service is what this is all about. When I vote, I look to see who I most relate to. Unfortunately, we have no one left. Those in power are already there and they are unrelatable. Unless we seek change, this will continue.

It’s not about holding power. It’s about illuminating the power we the people have by representing US the way WE expect. It’s about being human. How easy would it be to parrot ideologies of those who hold office and be “competitive” in a race simply based on talking points. Talking gets us nowhere. We see “representatives” spewing hate and division and then telling US that WE need to stop the hate and division. Leaders lead by example. Witnessing hate promotes hate. This is not who we are.

I listen, I understand, I want to be able to reach across the aisle and let my colleagues know this is what WE need. The time is now. The future is here and we deserve to re-instill all that WE expect in human engagement by representing US by using my ears to listen and my eyes to see. Sounds simple, right?

Why me?

Because ‘me’ is exactly what you will get. The whole and real me.

Who Am I?

I am “US”. I am the person we think we vote for time and time again. I am a reflection of you just as you are a reflection of me. I am the underdog. I am a citizen of California who wants to fix the now in an attempt to save the future.

I am simply me.

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