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Protecting The Strength of the Working Class

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There is a lot to be said about our working class, but, it’s no secret that Unions, especially here in California, contribute(d) immensely to the state’s overall economic health; past, present, and future. Unions have played a pivotal role in seeing into the future and can very much be studied as “groups”  proving that people are able to self-govern. This emphasizes my point that our current political set up is and should be LESS government intervention on some issues which translates directly to a more focused government intervention that gets things done.

Whether you are pro union or not, it is utterly impossible to discount the reality that unions have shown for centuries that we, as a working class, can, without “required” government intervention, work along with one another regardless of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation and every other talking point you hear about in modern politics. Beyond the work output, unions show incredible strength in unification, diversity, and display the utmost respect for one another, many referring to one another as brothers and sisters”, with people simply working with one another to achieve a common goal.

California is a very pro-union state. It has been a major support system for the working class in nearly every major industry. Our governing bodies need not forget just how much of an economic influence these unions have been to our great state. On that same token, our governing bodies need to step up and ensure that adaptation to advanced technology should NOT threaten the jobs of everyday workers. It is our job to ENSURE that our union workers are not replaced by automated parts but that they are and have the capabilities to work in conjunction with technology as it pertains to automation adaptation and adoption. 

There is a great threat in industrial based employment where automation is and has been replacing that of the everyday worker. We have seen it everywhere…from self-checkout lines, to walking into a fast food restaurant and ordering your meal on a digital screen. The harsh and unfortunate reality of the implementation and adopted/acceptance in society is that they are, simply put, replacing workers as to “save” the employer money at the cost of someone else’s livelihood. 

Unions have very much given the state of California an economic crutch throughout its history and we, as elected officials, need to do everything in our power to ensure that we return the favor in protecting the workforce against replacement. 

We have options. Promoting, encouraging, and issuing tax incentives or government backed endorsements to workers who are in the direct line of fire of replacement via automation. Offering vocation training, trade school courses, and higher education not only shows the working class that we are here and we have your back, but, it gives everyone the opportunity to remain on the workforce and work along-side our ever so strong present future.

The ultimate success is our ability to adopt automation without replacing the physical workforce. The loss of even one job due to automation is and should be deemed unacceptable. We need to work now to protect our union members and the working class to show them the respect that they don’t just deserve, but have earned, in collaborating on appropriate measures to protect the working class. We must work together on this as an immediate need. This starts NOW. 

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