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Letter to My Readers

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I can not emphasize this enough. This campaign is not MY campaign. This campaign is OURS.

Wining this United States Senate Seat comes with a deep feeling of necessity, that I believe you feel too. In full complement to many who have held this seat prior, as their eyes sparkled in speaking so highly in regards to the future… shaping it and preparing for it…many politicians have forgot THEE most important part… The Future Arrives! 

Our country has never seen a time where politics have come with such emotional attachments that far to often translates into negative human interaction simply because of their party affiliation. There is no doubt in my mind that this hostile emotional attachment comes based heavily on the fact that we never were truly prepared for the futures arrival. Our leaders have been caught off guard. We consistently see our leadership screaming at one another, casting insults and defaming each other. Many even root for our president(s) to fail. These messages come from OUR LEADERS who THEN tell US that WE need to “Stop The Hate”… and then go right back to screaming and casting insults once again. Most no longer lead by example. Debates are no longer constructive. Opinions are no longer welcome. The only solution is change.

As the future has made its way to our homes, the citizens of our great country looked to our elected officials for guidance, often times asking for intervention in hopes of positive change to adapt successfully. In a world where our freedoms aren’t just questioned, but challenged, I believe we need less government on certain issues and a much more refined, bipartisan outreach on issues that impact the masses as it relates to both the future AND the now. 

We have seen very few within our current government open their arms to the next generation of representatives unless its for a photo-op. There is a sense of ‘invisible barriers’ in place to keep young, fresh minds out of speaking for the generation they represent. Many are laughed at; often told they are unqualified or lack the experiences needed to hold seats in the people’s house. As the future makes itself present as do the next generation of politicians who were bred from that future. Here, now, at this point in history, our future has arrived to lead and to be the America that America has always fought to be.

America has woken up to the reality that the future is now. It desperately screams for a new. It anxiously awaits hearing from every single American as it adapts to the now. 

The America we see today will not be the America of tomorrow. The America we see now is an angry, frustrated, sad, and scared. America is screaming for leadership and pleading with its citizens to come together without a single brain synapse related to race, creed, gender, culture, political affiliation, gender identity, religion or any other freedom our America has fought to protect.

The future is here. My name is Dr. Tim Ursich Jr, and I am running for United States Senate as a person to lead us in accepting the future for all it is and is capable of. It’s motivating. It’s everything you and I know it to be. Recognizing its needs is only part of the fight.

This is OUR future. This is OUR voice. This is OUR Campaign. Let’s do this together and show the world what we are able to achieve by being that nation we have always been known to be… One Nation, Under God, Indivisible. It’s Time.


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