Latest Update: Cryptocurrency Bill 🡪

Cryptocurrency Bill

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Recognizing change. Sounds simple, however, fear far too often follows change; especially to those who have become accustom to traditional. 

Advancements in technology have introduced the world to a global and ever growing phenomenon as Cryptocurrency finds its place in history as part of our present future. John F Kennedy challenged America to embark in the pursuit of things history has never seen. He stood confident, fearless and motivational in inspiring not just America as a nation, but, the world, most notably in going to a place no man has ever been before. 

Our freedoms in American are what make America stand strong. Our freedoms in America are what make America stand fearless. We are changing. We are inevitably doing so because so many took the words of the late great John F Kennedy and tested their limits.

The world has been introduced to the future of cryptocurrency. It has been heavily resisted for far too long. The world has seen powerful nations over regulate over and over again either for reasons of control, or, in many cases simply out of fear of the unknown. Cryptocurrency isn’t just a thing. It is a freedom. It represents freedom of movement. Peoples ability in a proud democracy to spend their money in ways they feel is in the best interest of them, their families, and their future generations.

I have a great fear for American legislatures in that there will be a “following of suit” as other nations who do not recognize or share what so many Americans have given their lives for in our great freedoms in the over regulation of cryptocurrency. 

America does not turn away from the challenges set forth in time. It finds representation who shares understanding and communicates across the aisle to find a way to ensure our freedoms are protected.

Cryptocurrency should not be feared; it should be welcomed. The job of our elected officials is to ensure that in its adoption that the American people are protected. As history has shown, with change comes opportunists who find ways to benefit in windows of time where regulation doesn’t currently exist. This is what we are facing currently. I do not support the over regulation of cryptocurrency, but I know regulation is absolutely needed, and it starts with writing law in regards to the hosted exchanges. Much like the FAA does in protecting citizens who choose to fly through established protocols ensuring the safety measures are met, I propose a governing implementation to ensure cryptocurrency exchanges follow a strict set of protocols, guidelines and audits before coins/tokens are cleared to be traded. Similar to the process with the SEC in IPO filings, such measures need to be taken as to de-saturate the space and ensure those who seek these investment opportunities are in fact protected against opportunists, while fully supporting the Cryptocurrency task force in its pursuit of corrupt investors to ensure cryptocurrency remains an asset to the world.

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