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It’s estimated, as of February 2022, that the price tag for this train will be around 105 BILLION dollars. Ending this consistently failing idea and redistributing the funds to more important issues is a must. With a slush fund re-vamping we will unlock billions of dollars that can be and will be better spent, plenty of which would go to most of these key points.

Funding necessity beyond definition. Communicating with the teachers themselves to understand their needs. Re-establishing what education is supposed to be. We need to BOLSTER our emphasis on history and make it mandatory to the curriculum from 6th grade until 12th grade all encapsulating: Global, American, as well as LOCAL history as to instill pride in where we live. Reintroducing auto shop/wood-shop as well as rebuilding and the re-development of the arts will, without a doubt, rebuild confidence that our youth so drastically lack. Our education system was built and should continue to be built on healthy development of our children’s minds, social skills, and passion for “what comes next”.

Anyone who does a basic search on what sort of taxes are being imposed on gas quickly understands
that California gas is majorly overtaxed. I propose an immediate “emergency” cease on additional gas
taxation that make up an additional $1.18 per gallon to extend through the end of the travel months,
emphasizing the states willingness to work with its citizens in doing everything in its
power to keep money in the pockets of the people during times of crisis.

California citizens should not feel such a drastic increase simply because we live here. We need to find ways to incentivize Californians to STAY in California and I believe that we are more likely to do so if we feel our state and our state
representatives will do whatever it takes to fight for us in times of need.

We need to give an over emphasis and reformation of training at the basic level in our police departments. Establishing new protocols and training to return to active duty with an emphasis/over emphasis on psychological soundness after intense days that may impact an officer’s psyche. Starting from the ground up, it’s no secret that human beings have a natural tendency to be reactionary and often over reactionary when exposed to intense moments in their lives. This training and emphasis in protocols and screenings in order to return to the force after gun related and traumatic incidences would be a benefit to both the officer(s) as well as the general safety of our citizens.

Facing the facts. Many people sought the companionship of animals during Covid. Although this issues goes well beyond the last 2 years, our (mostly) volunteer animal shelters do an incredible job taking in and caring for all animals, many of them sick and with medical needs. These shelters have recently become overrun with drop offs from people who “simply can’t afford to care for their animals” due to the cost of living. Animals aren’t temporary companions. They aren’t to be rented. They deserve our love and attention just as much as they give us.

In order for us to build a strong future our generations need to communicate WITH one another. We do not have representation within all three major generations currently, which means, we are left with people speculating or relying on polls from other generations to make decisions that directly impacts a generation that they do not connect with. We should not neglect our ability to communicate at the highest levels about issues that matter to each and every person on earth.

Our ability to co-exist as an economy along  with the future of the economy is here, now. We should be promoting innovators and welcoming those who are willing to challenge themselves to create. Preventing over-regulation simply because it’s not understood, appreciated, or valued based on personal beliefs is a major injustice to us as citizens. The adoption of Cryptocurrency by our government immediately gives American citizens the opportunity to narrow the wealth gaps that exist, something argued for decades. Regulation is absolutely needed to prevent abuse by extreme opportunists and as such, recognizing the DOJ and the FBI’s ability to enforce upon the ‘bad players’ in the sector should be welcomed AND should be in accordance with proper regulating. Enforcing regulations, protocols, and audits on the EXCHANGES prior to and while such coins and tokens are listed on their exchanges will be vital to protect those who seek ownership of such coins and tokens. Some of these exchanges have benefited from opportunists by allowing listing with next to zero screenings currently and many have fallen victim to the excessive ability of such opportunists.

Preventative care is just as important as emergent/post emergent care. There are studies that show that the overall cost of healthcare drops in plans that include preventative healthcare through any means necessary. There are no reasons why premium costs should continue to increase while covered benefits either stay the same or worse, decrease. As it pertains to healthcare providers, there is no recognition of cost of living expenses going up as it relates to insurance claims and the reimbursements for services rendered by the provider. As life becomes more expensive, no one should be left out.

Due to the opiate epidemic, MD’s should not be allowed to prescribe/auto-refill prescriptions on opiates without seeing the patient and justifying a need for refill. Most opiate prescriptions are 30 day dosages with no follow up until, at the earliest, the 30-day mark. Opiates should be given in 5 day dosages and should require MD evaluation and medical necessity as to allow for a necessary refill of a prescription. Currently, most opiates are prescribed in 30-day subscription fills, with 2 or 3 automatic refills. The only way to truly combat the opiate epidemic is to go to the source on “how” most opiates are being obtained. Making it harder to obtain makes it harder to abuse.

Lowering taxes on all classes does a few interesting things. Not only does it prevent the segregation of classes but it keeps money in the hands of those willing to spend it, in all classes. If you lower the taxes even at the uber wealthy level, you inevitably create investment capital which promotes organic economic growth simply through spending. Lowering taxes incentivizes people to spend.

The most powerful office in our nation is that of the president. Without going into the physiology of the aging human, if our president holds a 4 year/two term max, that should apply to all offices, including that of the supreme court. Life changes. The body ages. Judgement’s change on the back of an ever evolving world. Term limits also encourage change and with such limits this will encourage things to get done. We deserve position and productive action from our legislature.

Trusting science is key, not just as it relates to virus’s, but as it relates to humans and childhood development. I believe that a developing brain needs to develop without outside pressure that is presented sociologically. American History went on for 100 years in children developing and becoming people that they developed into. Creating confusion in children in the middle of development, over introducing children to sociological issues that no child should be subject to, as well as giving children an outlet to get outdoors and engage with their peers in refunding after school programs is VITAL for building confidence that so many children lack. This confidence absolutely plays a key role in the healthy development of a child.

Offering tax incentives to abandoned malls/shopping malls property owners as to encourage the use of their property for safety, re-education and re-introduction back into society for those who are willing. The target cannot be 100% of the homeless population. Chipping away at 2-5 percent at a high would establish great growth in giving our homeless hope and would establish comfort in those who would initially be hesitant as they witness the success stories. Most of these facilities already have running water, bathrooms, safe infrastructure without needing to stress in building new infrastructure to house the homeless. Additional on site mental health sections would be vital, security, as well as education/workforce days to slowly encourage those who have cleaned themselves up back into society as contributors. This will also allow for those in healthcare, drug addiction and mental healthcare the opportunity to screen for those who need the additional help in guiding them in to alternative sites.

Aside from sending money as a “stimulus” to people, the unemployed need to receive vouchers for trade schools and vocational training as to promote their ability to return to the work force. Issuing tax incentives to Trade School/Vocational schools would be a necessity. As automation gets pushed deeper into the workplace in attempt to replace physical workers, this is an opportunity for those who have been pushed out of their jobs to seek vocational training that is needed to allow automation AND physical workers to co-exist in the work place as well as build an opportunity for the existing workforce to enhance their skills in preparation.

Offering the opportunity to property owners to take advantage of adding a year to the back end of their mortgages as to allow rent relief for those impacted by Covid would decrease the stress that many families feel in dealing with these crises. Many property owners here in California have not been able to issue renters relief simply because they had to continue to pay their mortgages and most of the rent they raise goes toward paying the mortgage on the properties they own. We can not get caught in “hindsight” action. We still have an opportunity to alleviate the impact Covid has and continues to have on us.

Our government did an awful job in transparency and communication as our world was introduced to Covid. This inevitably applied pressure on state governors to make abrupt, often perceived radical, decisions. Had our officials come forward originally and said “We don’t know what we are dealing with, but if we try these things together, we will be able to control this. Are there guarantees these measures will work? No. But, if we get everyone on board to try, even the simplest of things, we will really be able to understand what are the best methods to get past Covid. Mandates were viewed as an infringement on people’s rights. It was the roll out that was the disaster and this enhanced an already major disconnect from leadership as “leading by example”. I do not believe in mandates; I believe in the “encouragement of trial” in respect to human decency for one another.

Running a social media platform, abusing the perception of empowering freedom of speech, while conversely creating “the perfect business” in avoiding all liabilities is a prime example of having your cake and eating it too. Creating ‘terms of service’ that establishes the contra, “we are a private business”, has created a major contradiction of this freedom. Freedom of speech is not to be dissected and used in a “what’s in the best interest of the business” manner. There is no breakdown of what FREEDOM OF SPEECH means. Is it a freedom of speech platform or is it a private company who’s able to pick and choose what’s allowed. Simply put, it’s time to ‘Pick A Lane’ and put an end to the smoke and mirrors as it relates to social media.

Doctors of Physical Therapy should have the right to order MRI’s to monitor progress or changes in progress if they believe there may be an underlying issue as they treat their patients. There are many instances where the DPT has to send the patient back to their MD for re-evaluation, which causes loss of time in continued treatment because it regularly takes weeks to get in to see your MD. Doctors of Physical Therapy should also be allowed to prescribed 2-3 day doses of Pain Medication for patients who are post op as pain medication often allows patients the chance to perform/be pushed in recovery which drastically increases the time needed to recover from post op procedures. Washington D.C allows this currently and is the only state that I am aware of that allows this. This should be a universal ability in respect to such an education.

In lieu of many senators voting “NO” on the decrease in price of insulin, many of us want to know “Why”. In full respect to transparency, ALL votes, whether “for” or “against”, need to be ON THE RECORD as to why. For example: I vote “YAY” in decreasing the price of insulin because I believe in fair market pricing as it pertains to medication and our ability to afford medication that is vital to survival. I am against the pharmaceutical companies being a multibillion dollar industry by taking advantage of medications that aren’t a “choice” medication.

There should be no reason as to why the state minimum wage here in California continues to climb (as a requirement) now reaching above 16/hour, while the Federal Minimum wage has stayed at 7.25/hr since 2009! Our government needs to do a better job of incentivizing people to pursue federal work as to promote keeping America clean, thriving and protected. Our Parks, Forestry’s, National Parks, Beaches, and everything in between should have positions that people want to work for. There is a certain pride that comes with knowing you have done something to protect our land, or laws, and America in all of its beauty.

When we vote, we should UNDERSTAND exactly what it is we are voting for. We should never leave the voting booth confused. These propositions are written by attorneys whose objective is to create confusion.  Voting should be clear cut, concise, and understandable by every single person irregardless. These propositions often pass because people do not know what they are voting for or against, even after reading the proposition(s) over and over. This is such common sense, but, given the state of politics, it makes sense as to why this is an issue I am raising.

Some KeyPoints
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